1. On the auspicious occasion of the 25th Anniversary of NSS, the college has decided to grant Silver Jubilee Scholarship at the colleges of NIST Foundation.
2. NSS Entrance Exam toppers (Top 5 students) get a full scholarship in grade XI.
3. NSS Entrance Exam Toppers (Top 6-10 students) get 80% scholarship.
4. NSS Entrance Exam Toppers (Top 11-90 students) get a scholarship as per rank order.
5. Students obtaining A+ (GPA 4.0) in SEE are qualified for NIST meritorious scholarship.
6. Students obtaining A (GPA 3.6) in SEE are qualified for NIST scholarship if they score 70% and above in NSS Entrance Examination.
7. Students of Class XI are qualified for NSS Internal Genius Students Scholarship equivalent to three months tuition fee amount if they stand within top 10 ranks in internal test (First Term, Second Term, and Setup Examination).
8. NEB Scholarship Scheme is reserved for the qualified students recommended by NEB.
9. Meritorious 50 Students of Grade XI on their performance in NEB Examination will get 100% reduction in the tuition fee and 20 other Meritorious students will be awarded Partial Scholarship in Grade XII.