Roles of the President of IT Club
To act as official spokesperson for the Club in its relations with the students and the school administration.
To call meetings of the Club and to prepare the agendas.
To chair the meeting of the Club.
To supervise the tasks of the Club members.
To represent the students on official IT events and Program. 

Roles of the executive Vice President of IT Club
To advise and assist the President.
To coordinate the work of non-electes students involved in the organization of club activities: training, events, workshops, lab work, project, case study etc.
To replace the President when she or he cannot be present.

Roles of the Secretary General of IT Club
To write up the minutes of ever Club meeting.
To publish and distribute all the documents necessary for meetings.
To write and classify the correspondence of the Club.

Roles of the Treasurer of  IT Club
To keep club accounts up to date.
To raise the fund for club events.
To keep transparency in fund usage and maintenance.
To make purchases.
To provide full information about the club finances whenever the club wishes to see it.
Roles of all IT Club members
Communicate ideas from the student body to the Club.
Report to the class the results of club actions.
Serve in or chair committees.
Volunteer as needed