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Core Values

Core values are the central beliefs and behavioural norms which are expected to be clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community – school leaders, teachers, administrative staff and students. We believe in, and are guided by these values in our action, behaviour and in undertaking decisions. We also firmly believe that the core values play a vital role in the development of each child’s social consciousness, emotional development and character building.

Our staff and students are expected to respect others in the way they themselves would like to be treated. We appreciate and value individual differences, and embrace diversity through mutual acceptance of those differences. Our leaners practice appreciation and show reverence to everyone, and therefore, take care of self, others, the community and the environment.

We believe in nurturing teamwork and collaboration to achieve a common goal. Our learners and staff share information and ideas, and support each other in their learning and growth. They involve themselves in meaningful interaction in every step of their learning process, and celebrate the success of self and others.

We encourage our children to rise to every occasion, and strive to achieve success in all their tasks and never give up. Our staff and learners are encouraged to explore new ideas, and accept mistakes as learning opportunities in the quest for self improvement. They are guided to make the right choice when dealing with challenges and difficult situations. They are expected to adapt to changes in ideas and practices while maintaining the spirit of confidence, and proceed with courage.

We show love, kindness and compassion to everyone irrespective of their background, belief or race. We care for and help one another within the school community and elsewhere. Our students and staff are expected to be considerate and caring, and to help uplift those who are feeling down.

Our students and staff are expected to demonstrate responsible behaviour and attitude as individuals in their actions and accept the outcomes of their actions. Our school community, in recognizing the value of responsibility, fulfill their duty with love, care and dedication. They take the responsibility for their own learning and growth as well as that of the school community and institution.

We believe in honesty and trustworthiness, and act with sincerity. Our students and staff are expected to act on what is morally right, and desist from hurting the sentiments of others. Integrity ensures the consistency between thoughts, words and actions. We are committed to creating an atmosphere in the school where integrity is cultivated, valued and practised.

Why National School of Sciences?

Located at the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu and easily accessible because of the extensive network of public transport, the National School of Sciences, popularly known as NIST College has been at the helm of Upper Secondary school education (Grade 11–12), earlier known as Plus 2, for nearly three decades. Started with a humble beginning from a total of 157 students and 15 staff including administrative and support staff in the Science stream only, the National School of Sciences has come a long way. The annual intake in the school hovers at around 1,200 students in Grade 11 (both Science and Management programs). Through all these years of providing academic service for aspiring students, the National School of Sciences has rightfully carved a niche for itself and is acknowledged for providing quality education within an affordable fee structure. Enriching the learning experience of students has always been, and will …