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Message from the Executive Director

Mrs. Pranita Sharma Baral
Executive Director

Dear Students,

I, on behalf of National School of Sciences (NSS) family, would welcome all aspiring students who are looking for an institution to pursue the Upper Secondary school course (previously popularly known as Plus 2) either in Science or Management. The NSS is one of the first private academic institutions that offered Plus 2 programme in Science and Management nearly thirty years ago. Since then, the NSS has a long–standing reputation because of the consistent quality in education that it offers, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to all teachers, administrative staff and the Management Committee for their relentless effort, hard–work, dedication and guidance, and to the students / parents and everyone else concerned for their trust and continued support.

It gives me immense gratification, when I see our graduates being involved in various professions of high repute and entrepreneurships within the country and across the world. Given the changes in pedagogic principles in teaching learning, we have planned to focus more on problem–solving and project–based approaches to teaching–learning from this academic session so that students gain hands–on practical knowledge, and develop a passion for lifelong learning. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have, therefore, reformed the leadership team comprising individuals who are highly competent and experienced in teaching and academic administration. We shall also emphasize the professional development of our teachers by enabling them to learn and implement the latest teaching–learning practices.

In addition, we shall make every effort to improve the teaching–learning environment by providing the required resources that include projector, internet access and teaching tools which will help teachers to integrate digital technology while teaching students in the classroom. I firmly believe that such changes will help create a positive learning environment in the school which in turn, will strengthen the teacher-pupil relationship.

We are committed to providing students with all the support and guidance necessary to achieve academic excellence and leadership skills.

Why National School of Sciences?

Located at the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu and easily accessible because of the extensive network of public transport, National School of Sciences, popularly known as NIST–NSS has been at the helm of Upper Secondary school education (earlier known as Plus 2) in Nepal for nearly three decades. Started with a total of 157 students in the Science stream only, the National School of Sciences has come a long way. The annual intake in the school hovers around two thousand students for Grade 11 Science and Management programme. Through all these years of providing academic service for aspiring students, the National School of Sciences has rightfully carved a niche for itself, and is acknowledged for providing quality education within an affordable fee structure. Enriching the learning experience of students has always been, and will be at the core of our vision and mission, and we are always guided by …