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Teaching Pedagogies and Approaches

During the past few decades, there has been a paradigm shift in the global context in relation to education. School and colleges which were earlier thought of as institutions that existed to provide instructions, are now seen as institutions that exist to produce learning. A big challenge for all educators is to able to bring about the transformation of the role of students from passive recipients of content to active, empowered and self-benefiting individuals. It is pertinent for teachers to provide able support and guidance as facilitators in order to make this happen. Teachers must set up a learning environment that stimulates active learner engagement with meaningful and progressively challenging tasks thus enabling them to develop competence over a period of time.

Our classroom activities seek to break away from the traditional model of ‘lecture-based’ approach, and incorporate a more dynamic ‘participatory–approach’ in which the learner is the primary role player and teachers strive to develop them as life-long learners. The modality of teaching–learning activities follows a more progressive approach which aims at empowering student learning, and make them responsible for their own learning. Regular professional development sessions provided for the teaching staff ensure that they keep abreast with the latest pedagogy and teaching–learning approaches so as to justify their crucial role as facilitators in the classroom.