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Team Up with AdvancEd Improvement Network, USA

The NIST Foundation has teamed up with Advanced Improvement Network, the largest community of education professionals in the world that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of a variety of educational institutions and systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. They have the expertise which is grounded in more than a hundred years of work in school accreditation, and help academic institutions like ours improve continuously. The Advanced Improvement Network serves as a trusted partner to 36,000 educational institutions–employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students–across the United States and 70 other nations.

Under this network, learners / students benefit from the rigorous academic monitoring and guidance as per the performance standard defined by the AdvancEd Improvement Network, followed by curriculum and technical support from North West Accreditation Commission (NWAC) American High School Diploma Program (AHSDP). The Network offers services such as STEM Certification, accreditation, intensive support and improvement and professional development. AdvancED’s STEM Certification provides Pre-K-12 institutions as well as programs within institutions a research-based framework and criteria for their awareness, continuous improvement and assessment of the quality, rigor and substance of their STEM educational programs.

The school offers this course to students provided there is a reasonable number of students interested in the course. Students benefit from its widely recognized accredited programs, and can complete it simultaneously during the course of Grade 11–12.