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Classroom & Other Facilities

Classrooms are spaciously designed to accommodate thirty–six students. Student furniture is chosen so as to provide the necessary comfort and support for proper seating posture taking into account the long hours students put in inside the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with a fixed projector, and access to high-speed internet connectivity to ensure the use of technology as an aid for teaching-learning activities in the classroom.

Extra–curricular Activities (ECA)

At NSS, we provide students with a wide range of activities that are integrated within the weekly schedule of the academic routine. A designated hour is dedicated to the holistic development. that It includes emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual development of students. The school offers hands–on projects and opportunities for students to hone essential life-skills that prepare them to become life–long learners and achievers. Students are encouraged, and provided with forums to develop their leadership skills and ability to adapt to new challenges, and to become lifelong learners. Different clubs comprising and involving students as members such as IT and Science Club, Social Club, Young Entrepreneurs Club, Debate Club, Theatre and Communication, among others are invested with the responsibility of organizing and conducting at least one major event showcasing the Club activities during the academic year.

Heath Care Services

The school provides first aid services to students throughout the duration of the school hours. Minor injuries and illnesses are treated in the school infirmary. In case of major injury, the student is immediately taken to the nearest hospital, and parents / guardians are notified. In such cases, parents / students are required to bear the medical expenses.

Transportation Service

The school provides transportation facilities to students who require bus service to commute to and from the school. Transportation service is available only within the periphery of ten kilometers to the maximum. However, application for the bus service, however, should be made at the time of admission.


The school has a prescribed set of school uniform which all students must adhere to. The school uniform includes shirt, pant, tie and coat. Apart from the regular uniform, students are also provided with a house T-shirt, which they need to wear during the ECAs in the school. Details regarding the uniform will be provided at the time of admission.


The school has a provision of canteen for students, and they can take meal (lunch or snacks) on self-payment. The canteen serves freshly prepared and well–balanced lunch and snacks to students and staff. Students are given a choice between vegetarian and non–vegetarian food with a diverse set of menu options every day to ensure they enjoy healthy and nutritious meals.

Individual Lockers

Strategically placed outside each classroom are individual lockers for every student. Each student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the academic session following registration. The locker is the property of the school under the responsibility of the assigned student, and should be used to store personal items, stationery, which are not allowed inside the classroom. The locker must be under lock and key at all times. However, the student must return the key to the school administration during long holidays.

The above can be included only if we decide to keep lockers for individual students.

Deposition of Mobile Phones

In the technology driven era we live in, it would be a fallacy to completely ban the bringing of smartphones to school. However, there is a very thin line between the use and misuse of smartphones by a student. Therefore, to avoid any unpleasant situation, students are required to deposit their smartphones in pigeonholes for safekeeping. Smartphones are strictly prohibited from being taken to the classroom, and if found on person inside the classroom, irrespective of it being used or not, the mobile phone will be confiscated till the end of the academic session. Students are provided tokens for the deposited smartphone which will be reclaimed after all the classes are complete for the day.

School MIS

The school has an appropriate school Management Information System for managing students’ personal profile, academic and non–academic activities during the course of their studies. Upon admission to the school, every student will be provided a unique account / registration number for accessing the school MIS. Today, the management information system has become an important part of any educational system. It enhances efficient management of school functions, and provides a better learning experience for students besides assuring parents of their child’s safety and progress.

The school management information system communicates with the students and parents through email, mobile apps, etc., and students can use various online tools and platforms for accessing learning resources provided by teachers and the school administration.